What Makes Us Different?

As Davie’s top fitness program, it’s important to understand what we do at STS but it’s equally as important for you to understand out WHY. I personally feel there is a lack of quality of gyms in the area along with training programs that deliver RESULTS. Therefore, STS feels it’s necessary to fill that gap with programs that achieve great results, create a great gym experience, and last but not least to motivate and care! Our programs are great along with the great information we provide you, however we feel most importantly that our members are like extended family. Our service is put FIRST because we care about our members and their results; we feel nobody else does this along with achieving their results. We are in the business of training, but in the business of service and results as well. STS feels we have the best programs in the area and feel that there isn’t anyone who is more knowledgeable and get results like we do. Therefore, if you’re interested in taking your fitness or game to a whole new level or just need to start on a training program, then we are for you! I invite you to Contact Us and we will get you started right away AT STS FITNESS WE FIT THE PROGRAM TO YOU, NOT YOU TO THE PROGRAM! At STS Fitness and Performance you will find a team of very knowledgeable but more importantly, very passionate coaches that are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Our approach is to:

  • Create an environment that is supportive, motivational and shows you we are here to help you in every step of the way to reaching your goals and creating positive lifestyle changes.
  • Fit the program to you rather than fitting you to the program. We create one of a kind training programs to fit your needs in a semi-private training setting and we have a wide range of customizations even within our group training programs. We understand our clients needs and work with them to achieve their goals.
  • Dedicate ourselves to helping our clients plan and reach their goals by creating measurable markers so they can have success, which creates positive feelings and builds on great habits for a lifetime.
  • Along with great results, create an experience, a special place where you like to come to because you know you will get motivation and support not only from the STS team but all the other members of the community.
  • Continue to live our core value of “constant never ending improvement” and stay in the forefront of health, fitness, nutrition, strength and conditioning by attending seminars and bringing the top coaches in the world to educate our team. We strive to be the best, because we know by improving ourselves we can better serve our clients.


Casey Sedley