5 Fast Ways To Get Leaner After The Holidays

We often go into the holidays with good intentions of staying consistent with our diet but let’s be real, sometimes we fall off track. And I by sometimes I mean a lot of the

Since the holidays only come once a year, it’s obviously important to enjoy these times with indulging in things we wouldn’t normally do.

But we shouldn’t over indulge and keep it within limits. Easier said than done!

According to some studies, Americans consume up to 4,500 calories during traditional holiday celebrations including Thanksgiving, office parties, Friendsgiving, and Christmas and Hanukkah festivities. If you’re a social butterfly and have a lot of commitments, those extra calories can add up and you’ll be going into the new year with a few extra pounds.

Gee, I wonder where the few extra pounds came from

So, here are a few ways to shed our “winter coat” before we have to shed our jackets.

1-Intermittent fast– Intermittent fast allows you to cut out calories (500+), lowers insulin resistance, decrease inflammation, increase HGH, and aid in cell repair. This is essentially cutting out a meal per day.

2-Cuts carbs, eat fats-A combo of lower sugar and higher fats allows your body to decrease glycogen (carbohydrates) storages which prevent you to getting into fat storage. So, sub in healthy fats as much as possible for healthy carbs.

3- Up your Protein– Protein keeps you lean and mean so make sure you have one serving 4-8 ounces per meal.

4-Do a cleanse– Cleanse can be just a healthy food kick, doesn’t have to be juices/pills. So, stick to lean organic proteins and colorful vegetables for a reset.

5-Add an extra cardio session-Start by adding another 20/30 min of cardio week 1. Then add 5-10 min per week for 4 weeks then start back over at week 1  Just by adding more movement will get you leaner.

Casey Sedley

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