5 ways to lose weight and enjoy the holidays

Food is such a big part of our holiday traditions and festivities as we gather with our families. From baked goods, pies, mixed drinks and festive beers they’re always around. So much so that most people gain 5-10 lbs from thanksgiving to Christmas. Especially now with quarantine and people not moving as much it all adds up, according to a .

However, It is possible to stick to your weigh loss goals during the holidays and even shed a few pounds while enjoying your favorite foods and enjoying this special season

1-Do Intermittent fasting- Skip a meal to make up for the calories you had the night before. Intermittent fasting helps you get into calorie deficit and control calories. There are also tons of other health benefits to it but trust me it’s highly effective in fat burning. The most common form of IF is 16/8, fast for 16 hours and eat within the 8 hour window. So, you would stop eating at 8pm then eat again at 12 the next day.

2-Exercise hard– Lift moderately heavy/light weights, and run/ride sprints which is important to deplete carbohydrates storage which you build up when you eat and drink tons of carbohydrates and fats during the holidays. Get started here->

3-Remind yourself of your goals– There’s a quote that goes if it’s important you’ll do it and if it’s not you won’t. So, during this time if you’re serious about losing weight you must take it seriously without over eating and drinking. Have a little fun but sacrificing is key to getting the results you want. It’s not the end of the world, next year when you’re at your goal you can enjoy it more but on the way you need to stay on track and stay focused on the bigger picture.

4- Be vocal with your goals to friends/family– For many of us, making sure someone has had enough to eat is basically a love language. But stockings full of candy, food deliveries with highly processed cheeses and meats and reminders to “eat, eat!” from your relatives aren’t so helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. A simple fix is to about your health goal and ask for their support. They might even stop pressuring you to get seconds.

5-Don’t show up to parties hungry-Here’s my trick on not over eating when going to parties. I sometimes show up already half full that way I’m not hungry picking at the calorie packed hor dourves. This prevents me from over eating on the bad stuff.

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