The Art of Setting Goals That Work

The Art of Setting Goals That Work

Research shows that only 10% of people who set goals actually end of achieving them and making a lifestyle change.

However if you set your goals a certain specific way you increase your chances to 95% of being a success.

So, how should you set your goals?

First let’s look at what involves goal setting.

Setting and hitting your goals is a combination of mental, physical and emotional alignment.

Deep I know but hang with me.

When creating goals, and thinking about what you want to achieve, people tend to make vague and goals that they can’t consistently do.

But the real thing is you have to be honest with yourself…

You need to be precise and consistent to track the activity or activities that will help you achieve your goals.

And that’s why most people tend to lose track of their goals and never achieve them.

They make it too hard on themselves to start and can’t keep up or track them consistently.

Yeah, what they want to achieve may sound great but if you can’t stick to it you aren’t going to achieve anything.

Goals like “This year, I’m going to lose weight,” or “I will start eating better,” sound all too familiar, yet they don’t set you up for success. Making your goals SMART is key to successful follow-through, progress and achievement.

The more specific you make your goals the more likely you will understand what you have to do to achieve them.

Having measurements to track your progress is what you need to create for yourself to control what you can control. 

A simple way to look at this is to add ‘by’ statement at the end of your goal. In will lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months by making sure I do intermittent fasting (16 hour fast) daily and make sure I only eat 1300 cals per day, and working out 4-5x per week.

Setting goals in this manner creates a concrete statement of the desired outcome with an action plan that helps guide your intentions toward said outcome.

Here some more examples of good goal setting…

Goal-Get leaner– I am going to take more steps by adding in 30+ min walks per day on top of my workouts to help me get leaner.

Goal- Increase lean muscle mass-I am going to add muscle by using reverse pyramid training and 5×5 method in my lifts 3x per week to start.

Goal-Eat better-I am going to eat better by eating Paleo lifestyle diet and make sure I limit my sugar, processed foods that don’t hold nutritional value.

So all in all, set goals that are precise and realistic, use “by” after your goal to indicate an activity that you will perform, make it doable and start easy on yourself to get consistent. Also, write them down and make sure you hold yourself or have a trainer ( hold you accountable.


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