Why Not To Eat Less

The easy answer to weight loss is eat less. But let me help you understand why long term that isn’t good for fat loss.

First, there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. Hopefully you shoot for the latter because ultimately what matters isn’t the scale but how we look in the mirror. We can agree on the correct? Ok, let’s carry on. When talking about fat loss the main thing we don’t want our bodies to think is to think there is a famine. When your body interprets that your body becomes a hoarder which isn’t what we want. Instead, we want it to release. Now, the only way to get it to release fat is through switching things up first if you have been on a low calorie diet slowly creeping your calories up to a maintenance level then one can decrease but living constantly in a deficit state is going to do more harm than good long term.

When you eat less than you should several reactions occur on a hormonal level which I’m not going to confuse you with but the point is you will be losing more water weight and muscle than fat during this process. And what’s wrong with that you might ask? Well, muscle is metabolic and causes you to burn more calories at rest and while most of our day is at “rest” then it’s important for us to make sure that we have a high resting metabolism. So by eating less having less muscle we now burn less calories. Now over a 10-15 year span this can be a drastic metabolic beat down.

Here’s a little secret, if you have high abdominal fat, eat healthy, exercise, and can’t lose fat. The reason is because your body is in starvation mode which has messed up your ever so important hormones. You have to increase you calories slowly. Don’t do this without a pro and who understands fat loss as it can get complicated but the key is to over time restore metabolism and get you out of starvation mode and into fat loss mode.

As you can see, eating less isn’t the answer for fat loss. It’s an answer for getting your body in a bad state over time. Yes, there are times to be low but there are times to be at maintenance. Going thru this process will help you be leaner every time you cut. But if you stay low all the time you are going to screw things up!

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