“This is what I want…When can it happen…How fast?” These are the most often asked questions I get as a fitness and strength professional. These questions had me wondering; so I asked myself why do we have a quick fix attitude and how often does this approach succeed? I know that as humans we all want immediate gratification but usually things that cause immediate gratification are things that are easy to come by and we seek them often. Anything that we truly desire takes process, discipline and hard work. This process takes time and you must do something I call bridging the gap. What is bridging the gap? It’s the process that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. If you want better results than ask yourself, are you giving that extra effort? Doing the same routine with the same intensity will not result in change. You have to push past those old limits and create new ones. Who has what you want? What’s missing from that equation that you need to instill into your habits for that goal to manifest?

All successful people no matter the industry start with a few things in order for them to be successful.

They have a serious desire or want for it to come, it’s a burning feeling that never stops and it’s something that can be cultivated and grown.
They have a vision of what they want to happen. Now I firmly believe if you don’t have a vision for something, you will get nowhere because you have not created a destination for your brain to take you there.
They take immediate action.
Here’s a cool story. When playing college baseball, the coach our senior year made us do visualization drills. He would make us lay in the outfield for 5 to 10 minutes and we would literally create in our brains what it felt like and looked like to win the college world series. Mind you we weren’t predicted to win anything (unless you asked us) and at the end of a mediocre season we finished around 4th or 5th in our conference. The season was looking bleak and pretty much over from my point of view. We ended up sneaking into the regional and would have to play the top 10 teams in the country in Arkansas so it was going to be a rough road. We still did our visualization work, continued to work hard and believe. We were a group of older guys so we didn’t get down too easily; most of us had been through ups and downs before so we continued to push through. Being one of the last seeds, we ended up playing the top team in the country. We were all pumped and ended up beating them in the first game. We still had a long way to go so we couldn’t get too high off of that win. In our next game we played the number 2 team in the country and beat them. Then we played the hosting team and beat them as well. A big win for us and we had MOMENTUM (huge for success) and we continued to ride the wave. Then we came back and beat the 2nd ranked team to advance onto the Division 2 College World Series. So if you didn’t pick up on that, we just swept 4 games against the top 4 teams in the country on the road.

Next up; North Carolina for the College World Series. This time we would face the hottest teams in the country, all had momentum, but we had the toughest road there so we were confident. Too make a long story short we ended up sweeping the CWS in four straight games as well as becoming National Champions.
In retrospect, our coach was doing this all for us in the process without us knowing consciously what was happening. I know 110% that the positive and mental reinforcement of the visualization and actually doing it in my head first had EVERYTHING to do with our team’s success. If you cannot feel it, see it and believe it and you are coming into the gym with a bad mindset, you WILL FAIL 110% of the time. You create what you think and believe. The question is what mindset does it take to be successful? It’s not which exercises or how long it takes; it’s the person’s mental state that brings them there. In our season, our competition probably didn’t do the mental drills, but we did and we won. In life, all you have is yourself. You have to see, feel and smell yourself doing it first, then over time, after the hard work it will manifest into reality. Fitness starts with the mind not the body. You must continually check your mindset if you want to be successful.

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