What Would I Do Q&A

What If you had only 10 minutes to exercise and no weights or bars. What would you do?

The best exercise in my book is the burpee. It’s multi joint and expends a lot of energy. So I would focus on doing as many burpees in that time frame. This is also a great fat loss exercise. 

How do I you increase muscle?

Most people think increase protein is going to add muscle but it’s actually the combination of both carbs and protein that create an anabolic state with your body. So, you need to increase carb and protein intake especially around your workout.

The second thing would be to have an ideal breakfast an hour before you wake up. One that has moderate protein, moderate carb, low to moderate fats.

How do I get better at push-ups?

 Make sure you practice them three times a week and/or work on your bench press. Get better with them by adding weights and reps to the barbell.

Should I do cardio or weights first?

It depends on your goal. The best thing to do first is what you want to get better at. So, if you need cardio work to build up your aerobic capacity then do that first. If you need help with strength and adding muscle use weights first. Or you can alternate. I personally alternate.
Here’s something to think about though. Your first 10-15 minutes of your workout. Your body hasn’t started to use fat as readily yet so you may want to weight to do cardio after if your weights for fat loss so your optimally burning fat calories.

What’s my heart rate range?

This is kinda over rated unless you are training for a race, competition, or sport. Heart rate training is designed to increase recovery, optimize rest periods. You can also just go off the way you feel. If you are ready to do the next exercise or pick up the speed on a jog, just go by the way you feel.

Should I take supplements?

The answer is it won’t hurt you and it depends. For example, If you can eat lean protein 5x a day without needing a protein shake then kudos to you. You are one in a trillion. Me on the other hand, can’t do that, so in order to get to my range I like to drink my protein. Also, if you have a mineral, vitamin, hormonal deficiency this is when you supplement as well. The key is to eat organic foods so you get optimal nutrition and then use supplements to help boost you up!

What’s the best supplement for fat loss?

Water, organic foods, sleep, hard work. The end
If you have any burning questions that you would like me to answer. Send me an email and I’ll add it to next weeks Q/A.

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