If You Eat Breakfast, Time To Switch It Up!

This fat loss strategy is great for regulating over eating, optimizing hormones such as growth hormone, insulin, ghrelin, and leptin. These are all great hormones that assist with fat burning and regulating hunger. Also, these hormones play a huge role body types, where your body stores fat, mood, and energy so it’s super important to get these working in your favor. So, how could you optimize these fat burning hormone? By using Intermittent Fasting (IF).

What is IF?

When looking to do Intermittent Fasting there are 2 protocols you could follow. One is 8 hour window of eating and then 16+ hour fast. So, you would eat from 1-8p then. Fast from 8pm- 1pm. Or just pick one day a week to do a 24 fast with just vegetable juice with drinking lots of water.

The Good 

The beautiful thing about IF is it helps you to understand what being hungry actually feels like. And with people who eat out of boredom, and habit have really have lost the feeling of what that actually feels like to need food.  Eating because you need to and want too are two different things. Eating out of habit, boredom, and emotion makes you have a higher calorie intake making it harder to lose weight unless you are exercising regularly and getting into an energy deficit. Letting your body feel hungry and being temporarily fasted increases positive hormone response. These hormones are all fat burning hormones that make you leaner, help reduce calorie intake, control your hunger, giving you more energy and had many spiritual benefits as well.

The Bad

What’s bad about IF? Intermittent fasting is amazing for people who have hit a body fat reduction plateau, people who over eat in calories, don’t exercise, and who have low energy levels. It’s BAD for people who already have a hard time getting in 3 good healthy meals and at least 1 snack per day. If you already skip breakfast and haven’t had it for years. I would suggest you to switch that up and go back to breakfast. Your hormonal benefits will be huge if you switch back to breakfast. Since, you have already adapted to the skipping breakfast thing. There are positive benefits on the other side for you. So, only use IF if you have a normal balanced diet per say.

How To IF 

IF is a 16 hour fast followed by 8 hour eating window or you can do a 24 vegetable juice fast which sounds painful but really isn’t that bad. When you break the fast you want nutrient dense foods such as organic protein, vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates as needed and have that 2-4 meals in the 8 hour window then start your fasting again. You can use protein shakes as snacks In between meals as well during the fast. Try and stick to organic foods. Naturally from the earth is always better!

How Long Should You Do IF Before You Change Back? 

There really isn’t a set time frame because everybody is at different points with their body. I would say anywhere for 12-20 weeks of a program then you need to switch it up. But if it’s working for you no need to change it up. Ride it out, for some people they can live with this lifestyle. It’s totally up to you. If you do see your body storing abdominal fat easy. I would consider having breakfast again and then revisiting it in the near future.

The Takeaway

The gist of the story is that if you have been doing something the same way for too long, then switch it up on your mind and body. You have already reaped the benefits as much as you can from the previous habit. Change it up and get better results and control of your diet. You will be leaner, have more energy, more alertness, and have a new way to do things which is always fun.

Now, take some action! All this info is good but put it to use!  If you have any questions let me know



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