I don’t want to go to the gym…(motivation)

Let me ask you a question…

Should it matter that whether you want to do something or not?

For instance, wanting to or not wanting to go to the gym?

Should that really matter? After all it is your choice.

Now, this also reflects back to all of life not just working out, getting in shape, eating right etc.

Let me explain my thoughts and would like your feedback..

Based on my experience with success in the gym and being able to stay consistent with it. What I’ve noticed is that my desire to stay with it and it’s importance to me on a daily basis outweighs my situational or momentary desire to not what do the workout.

I think most people wait for the perfect time for their feelings to feel right or they should want to go after their goal is and they live off emotion. But what I am trying to tell you today is that emotion can’t always be the lead of your life. You need to direct your life to the way you want to go and go get your results.  

If you feel your health and fitness is an important factor in your life but you don’t feel as if you want to do something then you need to take some type of action regardless of what you feel.

This is where the power of your choice can change your situation and commitment comes into play.

What I’m telling you is to not always fall for the emotions on a daily basis as it will be up and down but go for what you ultimately desire. Look at the big picture not the little one.

You are never going to be always motivated. That’s OK. Unless you have a strong passion or desire for something. In that case you are an outlier.

I believe that motivation comes with time and success of doing something over a period of time. Not something that people just stumble upon. I’ve noticed that rarely ever happens. What a person should do is chase their reason WHY they got started in the first place. Keep it in the front of your mind. And then enjoy the process as much as possible.

Motivation will waver but commitment doesn’t. Motivation comes and goes like seasons. You have to go within yourself and cultivate it. You have to watch, write, read, look at, or listen to something that will bring up your energy levels to another level for you to experience motivation or a higher level of being. Find a role model or someone you look up to. Do what they do.

So, what will excite you on a daily basis? Pursue it don’t wait for it to show up in your life.

You should develop a habit on a daily/weekly basis that keeps you motivated. You need to go out and find people, videos, books, or articles that can uplift your spirit if you are down. Consciously go out into the world and seek what you desire. Don’t let you current situation or state pull you down. Take some quiet time to yourself and Look ahead to where you want to go and start taking daily action today towards your grand desire. This

is the only way to bring about what you truly want.

Go out and challenge yourself don’t give into every temptation or story you tell yourself. Watch the change/progress you can make!

Thanks for reading and let me hear your thoughts.

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