How to control cortisol and fat loss

The most effective ways to control cortisol levels which will help you lose abdominal fat are:

1. Avoid stress when you can.
2. Manage stress properly when you do have it
3. Get adequate sleep each night (8-9 hours should do it)
4. Avoid dehydration, extreme caloric restriction (calorie restricting diets are mentally and physically stressful and thus spike cortisol, then your body hormonally primes itself to store fat in response to the hypocaloric state in order to survive…Isn’t that just great? When people are reducing calories to try and cut fat, your body spikes cortisol in order to keep fat so make sure you keep healthy fat 20-30% of your diet)
5. Get regular exercise, but avoid overly long workouts. After about 60 minutes of intense exercise your central nervous system will need a rest and if you over train you’ll be putting unnecessary stress on your body. Try and keep your workouts under an hour (unless you’re a professional athlete…)
6. Eat healthy- good nutrition is key to controlling cortisol.
7. Earn “positive CNS points” by participating in any of these activities: epsom salt baths, Restorative Pulse Electromyostimulation, ice massages, glycogen/protein drinks pre/post-workout, neural restorative drinks (green tea, kombucha, etc.), deep tissue massage, myofacial felease (foam roller), meditation, 15-minute walks, and consistent static stretching (except pre-workout stretching, that should be focusing on mobility and keeping the stretches dynamic).

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