How Many Trainers Have You Had?

I’ve recently been doing a lot of events lately such as setting up a table at corporate buildings about once a week and talking to the employees about their health and fitness. One thing I hear often when I talk to them is a lot of them have had trainers before. But they now have stopped working out, eating right, living the lifestyle etc. and have started to gain the weight back, are back out of shape and once again back to where they started…Maybe this is you?

After asking them what happened with their trainer, I sat back and listened to what their reasons were as to why they weren’t doing what they should or need to be doing to get the results or change. It’s cool to watch because you see how people shape their worlds with their words and make their stories up in their own mind as to why they can or cannot do something or make something happen. I sometimes interject the conversation will help them realize that their story is what’s creating their lack of action. It’s really funny because they start to realize that their own negativity is causing their situation. This is why some people need to work with someone to have them point out that they aren’t doing the right things. Which explains the reason why they are out of shape. Then right in front of my eyes, they will say… You know what you’re right. This is when REAL change takes place not just showing up to the trainer. Just having someone to work you out is only PART of the solution. The other part is the six inches in between your ears. Agree?

It’s so cool to see that because once you can start to change your own stories you can start to change your life for the best. The reasons or excuses we make are mostly always not really true. We make these excuses because comfort or uncomfort, fear of failure or success, self-doubt, not clear on goals, and many more. Maybe this is hard to understand but I can assure you we all do it in some way or another in all aspects of life. Pretty interesting stuff because it opens up your world and takes off limitations.

So, my question is this how many trainers have you had? Have they really taught you what needs to be done for the long term result not just while training with them? You see, what good does it do for you if you are going to do something for only a few months or year then stop? It does nothing for you! Have they taught you the mindset it takes to get to your ideal self and stay there? Will they let you know that you aren’t doing the right thing or thinking the right way? You see that’s where the change takes place and your ultimate self comes to life. And believe it or not then your habits become second nature.

Not many trainers out there want to see you succeed enough to want that to happen for you. Or do they even think at that level. My goal and mission is to help people understand this, coach them through it and come out their best on the other side. This is my passion. This is what I was meant to do and I LOVE IT. I hate to see people struggle with stuff that doesn’t really need to be that way and they know they want change. They just need someone to believe in them, show them how it’s done, and hold them to it.

Have a great day!

Ps. Remember your stories are creating your life. You are the problem but you are also the solution.

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