Dont Have The Results You Want? Here’s Why…

I remember when I was young I had visions of being in great shape when I was about 15-16. There was something about being in great shape or having a great physique just amazed me. I was just inspired to look and feel certain way. If that has never happened for you then it’s ok. But you obviously must have some desire to get in great physical shape or you wouldn’t be reading this . So, here’s how you achieve your goals.

Have a Vision

It all starts with your vision or lack there of- of yourself. You have to understand what you do or do not foresee yourself being or doing is hurting you. Now there are few people out there who get lucky and get things they have without ever desiring it or seeing it happen in there life. Very few. Let’s not put ourselves in the that Powerball lottery and leave it to luck, we know the odds of winning that. But let’s talk about realistic change and real growth. There are certain things such as vision and habits to support that vision that help you hit your own Powerball lottery by forecasting or developing a positive vision for yourself. You may be thinking this is some hocus-pocus, attraction type stuff and if you feel that way carry on with your ways or you can possibly open up to the thought of creating your wants. Not that this is really something that is out of the ordinary result or some magic that your goal just pops up. It takes time and change but it does work. I’ve seen it happen multiple times in my life as to why I attest to it.
you have to have the desire or want to do something. I believe it starts with that. If you don’t have the desire you don’t start. If you don’t start you can’t gain ground on the goal. If you lack desire you can do 1 of 2 things. Figure out what has more influence on you. Never reaching your goal or feeling that you reached that goal. So for instance, if you want to lose 50lbs. What influences you more, losing 50lbs or never losing 50lbs? I believe that one outcome will influence to want to take action. Which one makes you go get up and want to go after it. If you don’t know yet then maybe the goal isn’t something you really want.
 is to start taking action towards that goal. You have to make this goal come to life eat better quality of foods, workout daily, get good nights sleep etc. You need to start moving toward that goal and attack it until it’s a part of you. People who have this desire have no problem with taking the right amount of action. They will do whatever it takes. It’s the people who lack desire who fail to take the right amount of action which is also key. We often times under estimate how much work, sacrifice it really takes to get to the goal. And sometimes can lead to us quitting which will mean you never will get to it.
It all starts with what you want to have happen, your vision then follow it up with the correct amount of action and persistence. If you can get these things down then you will see your results come into your life. Take your vision, and a lot of action towards it and it comes.

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