Best Secrets For Getting And Keeping A Banging Bod

How often do you see someone start and stop something to do with their health and fitness? Its like there a dog trying to catch its tail, or a hamster running on its wheel. You get the point. The reason why they can’t find what they want is they lack consistency and principles. Why they lack those things could be a laundry list of things but we shall not go there right now. A lot of the time we have unrealistic expectations or we are not building a lifestyle instead they are going after a short term fix. The difference in approach is vast. So, I’ve made a short list of things to do to make sure you can follow to keep yourself on track.
1- Dont look for dramatic results. Look for consistency. Don’t sprint. Grade yourself based on the process. Did I workout today? Did I eat the way I should? If not then fix it because ultimately your body composition results are a by-product of your habits.
2- See/plan your meals ahead- Don’t just wing it. That’s when beginners get in trouble because they will always fall back on their old habits, and that will be what’s easy. So, look at your day the day before and say” I’m having fish for lunch with quinoa”. Do I have this? If not then you have to plan on getting it in somehow.
3- Hire a trainer- the accountability, and knowledge creates a buddy system. This will also help you step your game out since they will be able help you stay on track, call out your bs and help you raise the bar. ( us out, if you want to get results)
4- Don’t try to do it all at once- Set goals you know you can accomplish. Sometimes people get discouraged if they tell themselves they are going to do something unrealistic. You need to set parameters that you know won’t hinder your motivation. So, one goal at a time get it down and built in then move to the next. Successful people do this, unsuccessful people try to rush it and end back up at square one.
5- Grade yourself a year out- Now this is a hard thing for most because a year is a long time. Before making an assumption try doing something for a year before judging if it works. If your not being as consistent as you need to be then it doesn’t count. You need to be following the plan. Yes, you should be seeing results far before then but having that timetable prevents you from feeling like quitting early, rushing things, because you now have an appropriate timetable to judge something. Unlike most program skippers giving it 2-3 months and then have a skewed, inadequate label on if it works. Maybe you didn’t work it properly? Just sayin, by giving yourself more time allows for the process to work.
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