8 ways to ensure fitness success

When most people newly enter the world of fitness they often expect to see results yesterday. They don’t understand that Fitness Success is a process and long term commitment, not just something you immediately reach and then it just stays that way. While it’s good to be ambitious, sometimes it takes time to get the things clicking and getting momentum that you need in order to see those results. For instance, we may have you training and focused but your protein intake may not be balanced. Or you may be dominant with your cardio and not in your lifting and/or vice versa. Depending on your goals (mine are always high that’s why I anticipate yours to be as well) it’s going to take everything to be dialed in, in order to pick up steam to get the desired results. So, if you are not where you want to be.

Here are definite tips that will ensure you to be able to stay focused and have what you want physically. 

  • Create a checklist

Creating a checklist allows for you to hold yourself accountable. You can physically see what you have to do. Often times what happens is these goals become an afterthought a few weeks down the line. When writing it down and keeping it next to you, it allows you to keep it in the forefront, reminding you to get it done. I use a list for my fitness, health, business, and financial goals. Stuff that I have to do daily, weekly etc. What you should do is print out a sheet of paper and check the things you want to do. If you want to get leaner, increasing protein intake would be the first step. Write down to have protein at every meal, that’s one example. This will help you be consistent as long as you are consistent with writing it down.

  • Find and Understand your WHY

It’s important that you understand this component. This is sometimes hard to do and it might not come easy. But for me, my “why” in fitness is to help others reach their desired goals. It’s the driving force behind my everyday activity because it gives me such a high to see others get what they want. It’s almost like giving to your favorite charity. Find your “why”, it could be to feel better than you ever felt or to look a certain way. Whatever it is, once it hits you, you will feel empowered and want to take action.

  • Educate yourself

When you know what you are doing you tend to see results more quickly. Read fitness magazines in your down time, you don’t have to be an expert but it helps when you understand the general process. A great place to start would be reading muscle and fitness magazines. Then you can progress to reading books like The Journal of Strength and Conditioning.

  • Find inspiration

After finding your “why”, find someone who does or has what you want, physically. Then do what they do. It’s really that simple.

  • Visualize

You must see it before you do it.

  • Work hard but smart

I think people often are too worried about how to do and what to do and don’t just do it. At the beginning its not about being perfect. You just need to get it done. There’s no better start than hard work. Work your butt off and get better everyday. If you are sore, take time off until you recover then do it again.

  • Sacrifice

You will have to give up things along the way.
We often get set in our ways. If you need to hit the gym but your friends are going to the beach, you’ll have to go a little bit later (to the beach, that is). You must get your workout in no matter what. This mindset installs un-bendable discipline that won’t be broken. That’s what it takes. You are in control.

  • Have fun

This post sounds serious but at the end of the day, Have Fun in the process. You have to smile and still be yourself. Have some cheat meals, party and live a normal life along with these newly formed habits. That’s what STS is all about. Get what you want mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and enjoy yourself along the way.

  • Fitness is a journey not a destination

You have to continually work at this. It never ends. Fitness is like brushing your teeth or showering, you need to do it daily.

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