6 Reason To Hire A Coach

There are a lot of people out there that struggle with body image, the way the feel about themselves, eating right and making fitness a way of life even though they want differently. It’s upsetting of course because it doesn’t have to be that way. And if you don’t struggle with it maybe that doesn’t relate to you but it’s a real concern. The reason I set out to do personal training (which has turned into a way bigger mission) was to help people understand that where they are now doesn’t have to be their situation. They can achieve their goals and their situations will improve 180 degrees if you follow certain principles of lifestyle. It’s a better life but yet people will still decide to stay where they are based on a various things. So, in order to fulfill my dreams, I need to help people reach their dreams through fitness and in essence changing mind, body, and spirt. I want you to understand the importance of having someone in your corner that helps you achieve your goals. So, here are my 4 top reasons to hire a fitness coach.

A coach/trainer will help you…

1-Set goals with a deadline- Goals are just dreams with deadlines. Sounds cliché but if you don’t have a time frame on it you won’t push to the level that you need to in order to get to where u want to go. A deadline makes you take firm action.

2- Set your new standards- what you think it’s going to take and what it actually takes are two separate timetables. This helps eliminate frustration, and maintains focus. A coach keeps things in perspective and helps you stay on track and not lose focus. They help you understand what it takes

4- Train out of your comfort zone. Some people won’t push as hard as they need to fitness wise or nutrition wise to get over the hump. This person needs someone there to challenge them and push past limiting thought physically and mentally.

5- Transform lack of confidence in oneself and knowledge. Most know what to do but just aren’t confident enough with what to do with the information. So, they don’t take any action at all.

6- Help you stay on track.

All these things are things a coach will help you get out of your comfort zone and achieve the things you want to achieve. I’m looking for 2 people who are real action takers, will follow what I have laid out for them, tired of achieving mediocrity, want something that will better themselves, and will change their body, mind, spirit. If that sounds like something that you want to do. Fill out the application, the first few applicants will get a discount on the program if we are the right fit.

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