5 Tips For New Years Fat Loss


Happy New year!

Hope your new year has started off great and had a safe and happy holidays!

With the ball dropping for 2016 some folks get really excited about getting back into the gym and getting healthy after hectic couple of weeks. So, I’m going to give you some tips to help you get results and some strategies to get the fat loss ball rolling for ya.

So, here are some fat loss tips to give you more ammo on how to get better lasting results.

1-You should be aiming for 1 lb weight loss per week-everything should work off of this. If you aren’t losing 1lb every week or 2 weeks then you will need to make some adjustments to calorie intake or calorie burn. If fat loss Is faster than 1 lb per week it may be hard for you to maintain fat loss later on down the road. Also, your energy might be lower as well because of the energy gap. This energy gap is what makes people put back on weight quickly because they lost weight to fast. So, slowly but surely fat loss over time is the best because it’s easy to keep it up and it’s not disrupting your energy levels to much.

2-Carb cycling- Carb cycling is great because it allows your body to switch up its energy uses and get into some carb depletion that gets you into fat loss faster. Being on a low carb diet, you need to increase healthy fat intake a bit to hit your calorie levels. So, if you are eating a 2000 cal diet. You still need to get your calories to 2000 so you would increase your fats a bit, make sure you get 1g of protein per body weight per day, and keep your carbs on the lower end of the spectrum. A good rotation for beginners is every other day or every 2 days have a low carb day.

3-Don’t over do cardio. Doing cardio everyday might intuitively seem like the smartest thing to do to get results but it’s not because of a few things. Firstly, you will want to eat more because of the big energy burn which may cause you to not lose weight. Second, you may lose more than 1lb per week and that will be hard to maintain over the long haul with big energy gaps. Third, your resting metabolism slows down. Fourth, cortisol could be elevated causing your body to not lose body fat. Doing cardio 3 times a week 30-45 min is good for getting into a good calorie deficit, you can jog, bike, walk and Intervaled cardio workouts will do.  Use weights as the other way of getting into calorie deficit.

4-Use weights 3-4x per week- while weight training doesn’t burn the most amount of cals per workout. But, it boosts your resting metabolism (the calories you spend throughout the day, depletes muscle carbohydrate storage and optimizes your hormones for fat loss. The average weight training session maybe burn 300-400 cals and the cardio may burn 500 cals but it will make you look better and give you definition.

5-Don’t do HCG or any “extreme diet”- No one who is successful in looking good or dieting has ever done this and achieved there long term physique goals. Why? Because it doesn’t build the right habits instead this mindset is more a quick fix which I eluded to earlier is a problem for people because of the huge energy gap that isn’t sustainable, lower metabolism(you know the thing that primarily drives fat loss), screws up your hormones that dictate hunger, fullness, to burn fat and store fat. It all gets messed up and putting you in a worse place then when you started. Can I warn you right now? Never ever ever do this under any circumstance. Learn how to do things the correct way and build it for life, Not for a month or a few! This doesn’t help you out.

All in all, getting on the right program for you is essential for your long term health, physique, and happiness. This shouldn’t be a guessing game, you shouldn’t be throwing darts, instead you need to know the right steps for your body and then work the process. If you don’t know the right steps and would like to, you can schedule your ideal body breakthrough session with us here –> and we can sit down and help you understand what needs to be done for YOU. Not a one size fits all program but personalized program on all levels and get educated!

Have a great, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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