4 muscle and fitness Tips For 2015

1) Develop YOUR own Nutrition System

– We’ve all heard of the main stream diets such as Paleo, Atkins, South beach, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig just to name a few. There is one thing for sure, there are no shortage of diets. And with all these diets the worlds obesity problem is higher than ever. One of the main culprits to this is that most people (besides people just not caring) don’t have a systematic way of eating. The diets listed above all provide you with a system whether you agree with that system. Now, a system is just guidelines and rules you MUST follow in order to create results. The reason why some folks don’t follow these systems is because they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. So, what you need to do is develop your own system on food.

Here’s my suggestion for you, get out a list of healthy foods. Cross off all the ones you don’t like. Now, this is your master list. You stick to these foods. Inside that list their should be three different macro-nutrients (lean protein, fibrous and complex carbohydrates, healthy fats).

Every time you sit down to eat you should have all if not three of those macronutrients on your plate. It’s that simple. Eat till your 80-90%full and follow the rules 80-90% of the time. And you have your own muscle and fitness system on how to eat foods you like and how to enjoy your new lifestyle.

2) Incorporate Flexible Dieting

– What the heck is flexible dieting you might ask. No it’s not doing yoga on a diet. Lol. Flexible dieting gives you parameters within your diet as long as you are within your calorie range. So, it allows you to cheat within parameters. I.e. Your out with your friends on a Saturday night and you have a few hundred calories and carbs left over (you know this by tracking through apps) and someone orders cake. “Did someone say cake?!” Anyway, since you have these calories left over you can eat the remaining calories in a cheat. Since we know no one is perfect and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be. You just hop back on track the next day. The key thing with flexible dieting is knowing your calories and not being to flexible to often as your body still needs nutrition for your to live healthy and vitally.

3)Have a Workout Plan

– In order to ensure your doing what your suppose to, you need to create a workout regimen to follow and hold you accountable. You don’t have to create  this.  muscle and fitness workout regimens are all over the place, books, trainers, online etc. Now they are not all created equal. You must find one that’s towards your goals, fits your limitations and your level of fitness. So, my suggestion is who has the physique your looking for then just follow their steps. Success leaves clues. Following the written plan like its your job will create accountability that keeps you focused.

4)Get a Workout Partner

– you may or may not know someone who works out or is into working out. In that case, I would recommend you hire someone you is skilled, and educated on how to do exercise progressions properly, will push you to get better, educate you, and give you a system to follow along with them.

If you know someone that has the habit already ask if it’s ok with you joining them. It provides a lot more fun, motivation, and the push you need.

There’s 4 simple steps you can use to start to take over 2015.

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