22 best exercises to lose weight!

Who doesn’t want to Look, Move and Feel AWESOME!? There are more than 22 exercises to lose weight and feel great. I choose the ones I love as well as the ones that work the ENTIRE body. Initially, the list started at 15 but I just couldn’t resist so I continued for your benefit. Here’s my list, if you have any interest in learning any of these please comment below.

  • Power:

1) Barbell/Kettle bell Snatch – Great for explosive vertical power, this fills the gap between doing just absolute speed work and absolute strength work by combining the two together. You use sub maximal weights at maximal speed to produce sheer force and power.

  • Strength:

2) Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) – Great for strengthening the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back) and quads
3) Back squat – Great for quad strength
4) Lunge – Great for single leg strength, stability, glutes, quads, and hamstrings
5) Barbell Bench – Great for upper body strength
6) Dips – Great exercise for triceps (elbow extension)
7) Horizontal pull up – Best exercise to compliment barbell bench, in my opinion
8) Chin up – Great for Lat, Lower Trap, and Bicep (elbow flexion).
9) Push Press – The best over head presser in my book

  • Core:

10) Turkish get up – The complete core/full body exercise
11) Hang Leg Raise – The best lower abdominal exercise (if you’re advanced)
12) Pallof press – Great anti lateral work to stabilize core
13) Roll outs – Great anti extension exercise
14) Singe Arm farmers – Great anti lateral work to stabilize the core

  • Mobility:

15) Wall slides – The best for shoulder mobility
16) Squat to stand – The best lower mobility exercise
17) Cossack Squat – The best lateral lower mobility exercise

  • Conditioning:

18) Kettle bell – Swings, Snatches – Great mix of anaerobic/aerobic combination
19) Battle Ropes – Slams, Small waves, Big Arms – Great upper body conditioning
20) Sleds sprints – Enough said
21) Hill Sprints – Great for VO2 power
22) Steady State Jogging – You need to have endurance

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