17 Strategies On How To Have A Productive Day

1- Meditate for 15 min in the morning and night.

2- Eat a lean healthy breakfast.

3- Drink a cup of coffee or Green Tea

4- Read long term and short term goals.

5- Drink a half to full gallon of water.

6- Take a multi vitamin.

7- Listen to audio books that inspire you.

8- Laugh out loud.

9- Give genuine heartfelt Thanks to 3-5 things

10- Take a cold shower first thing in the morning.

11- Workout or do yoga first the in the morning.

12- Smile at strangers.

13- Do the hard thing 1st or the most important.

14- Sleep 8.

15- Buy someone’s lunch.

16-  Spend time with family/friends.

17-  Turn off mainstream radio. Instead opt for a pandora/spotify to minimize advertising/noise since most AM/FM is a lot of advertising.

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