12 Reasons Why You Have Excess Fat

1. Quality of food is bad- Eating quality whole foods 90% of the time and keeping processed foods to a minimum.

2. You have to much of calorie restriction over the course of years- very low calorie diets 1200 or below work out in the short term but you will need to restore your metabolic rate by having a maintenance level or you will have hormonal problems as you age.

3- Your stress levels are through the roof- you need adequate chill time, rest, sleep, and recovery. Without it, it will be an uphill battle you won’t win.

4- You skip a lot of meals- you can’t miss meals it causes serious blood sugar, hormonal, metabolic adaptations that won’t suit you.

5- You have yo-yo dieted a lot- trying to many diets is like hearing the same joke over and over. You need s lifestyle plan that fits you.

6- You’re sedentary or have been for too long- You need to get up and burn energy. That simple.

7- Your diet is low in fat- Low fat diets aren’t good because it lowers the production of testosterone, poor vitamin absorption, decreases mood, increases risk of disease

9- You may have a thyroid issue- A lifetime of eating a very low calorie diet may have led to hypothyroid output causing you to burn less energy at rest throughout your day, and not being able to move as much inevitably sabotaging your fat loss goals.

10- You have been doing the wrong workouts and exercises- there are certain exercises such as compound movements that cause more metabolic and systemic demand than others. You need to use the exercises that get more bang for your buck

11-You’re not progressing your workouts- your workouts need to be progressing you and challenge your system for results.

12- You eat a lot of carbohydrates- Carbohydrates aren’t the reason why we get fat but if you are having a lot of


You eat a lot of fruit- Fructose (sugar in fruit) gets processed by the liver and our liver storage is rather small. Our bodies never evolved to handle the load of fructose we have in our modern diets. If you think about it, fruit USE to be a seasonal thing, now it’s not. On top of that, we have genetically modified this food to make it more sweet, tasty, and sugary so we indulge. Lay low on the fruit while dieting it does have long term effect on fat storage.

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