10 Secrets to a Sexy Flat Stomach

So, After a few coaching calls the same question came up a few times…’how do I get a flat stomach Casey!?’

Although we get great results from at STS Fitness we are going to have to up the ante a little to really get that stomach you have always wanted.

So today here are my top ten secrets to a sexy flat stomach!

  1. DE-STRESS! Too much stress in your life can boost levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, contributing to body fat around the middle! Life can be stressful work, children and running a home will take its effects but do the best you can de-stress, relax and take some time out. If something is out of your control and you can’t do anything about it, don’t stress about just concentrate on what’s good in your life. PS I wouldn’t use 2 bottles of wine as a way to de-stress, it sort of defeats the object! Use Deep breathing meditation, yoga, weights, painting whatever floats your boat but don’t use food or alcohol as stress relievers. Never ends well. Also, don’t stress about your weight loss. If you are doing the right steps then just keep it up and make minor adjustments along the way. Consistency over long term is the key.
  2. NUTRITION! Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Simply put, slightly cut  down on starchy carbs, salt, sugars, caffeine, fizzy drinks (including the poison Diet Coke!), alcohol and processed foods. Do upgrade to foods like veg, fruits, lean meats, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds and eggs and you’ll see some amazing results. The time is now to get some discipline in your life and start eating clean. At the end of the day its about calories, watch those! Use myfitness pal to track!
  3. FIGHT FAT WITH FAT! Bad fats such as processed food, refined sugars like cereals, white bread, white pasta, cakes etc create a huge insulin response which creates masses of fat production around the middle. DO increase your monounsaturated fat such as avocado’s, oily fish, nuts and olive oil as it will help the body run more efficiently and teach the body to use body fat as a fuel and help you reveal that stomach!
  4. SLOW DOWN! I’m going to make a real conscious effort with you guys to help you with this. When it comes to resistance work and abdominal work it’s important we don’t use momentum to get through the reps. You’re better off going slower and getting a better quality rep as the muscles will have to work harder. Resistance work done properly (like we do in the sessions with kettle bells, med balls and using you own body weight) is extremely important when fighting the fat!
  5. KEEP ON THE MOVE TO BURN MORE! Out of sessions keeping on the move is a great way to keep the body ticking over. Dog walking, swimming, jogging, cycling or anything similar that gets the heart rate up a little for an extra 45 min-hour daily. It will add up plus it helps you recover from the tougher sessions with me!
  6. CUT DOWN ON WINE! While the odd glass of vino or pinch of salt won’t hurt, a little sacrifice goes a long way when it comes to these two big tummy bloaters. Salt makes us retain water, which in turn leads to use looking bigger. And it’s called a ‘booze belly’ with good reason ladies; alcohol is a poison, so our bodies try to repel it as soon as it enters our systems. This means we won’t process anything else until we eliminate the booze, so we ‘hold on’ to the calories from food as well as all the sugars and calories in the alcohol. Not nice!
  7. HIGH FIBER! Upping your fiber a little will help aid your digestion and help eliminate waste quicker. Just make sure you stay properly hydrated and increase it gradually as to much too quickly can have the reverse effect! Foods jam-packed with fiber include: fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, flaxseed, psyllium, oat bran, barley and whole grains such as wild rice and quinoa.
  8. SLEEP! Getting adequatesleep is important for a couple of reasons firstly it is proven that when we are tired and stressed we will reach for comfort foods. Also given the body time to repair and recharge will have greater effects on your wellbeing, productivity and effort in your rapid fat loss sessions! So get to before 11 latest and get your 7-8 hours in!
  9. FIX UP LOOK SHARP! Standing and sitting with the right posture might sound simple but it will make you look more streamlined! Plus when you’re using the correct posture we activate more muscles in the core and you will be less likely to suffer back pain. TAKE NOTE OFFICE WORKERS HUNCHING OVER A KEYBOARD.
  10. BELIEVE IT CAN BE DONE! I a firm believer in if you can dream it you can achieve it. Have the vision in your mind of you with your new body looking and feeling great. Positive thoughts are so powerful that they will transcend into actions. Your thoughts are the person you will become.
  11. Bonus: LIFT WEIGHTS- Lifting weights is something that helps you break down carbohydrates, increase the good hormones, decrease bad hormones, increases metabolism, and defines your muscles. Do this minimally 3x per week and get better every time. This will also increase your calorie burn which is needed to see those abs!

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