Why Over Dieting Will Sabotage Fat Loss…

If you are someone who is constantly dieting/calorie restricting and still isn’t as lean as you want to be, you’ll want to listen in on this cupcake I’m about to deliver (pun intended).

Perpetually restricting calories, or dieting is not something that you should be doing if you want to get your best results, i.e. getting the lean, defined body.

I know this is contrary to what you read and know but..

For starters, let’s agree on this one thing:

If you always do the same workout, same intensity, and same weights, your body will plateau = no results. 


Now, do you think your body doesn’t do the same nutrition? 

If you don’t, this is possible where you are getting stuck!

So, here’s what you have to understand: same caloric(energy) intake + same foods = same results. 

Let me be completely honest with you, I’ve been training and working on my nutrition since I was 17. I’ve done A LOT of things with my nutrition and training and have experienced times of getting no results and this was the reason why.  

Not letting my body replenish and heal itself from dieting. It does take its toll on your hormones, energy, and workouts.

What I know for an absolute fact is this if you always restrict and don’t give your body what it needs and wants, you will never optimize your body for fat loss. 

So, what this means is that you need to cycle calories up and down every 12-20 weeks in order for you to keep yourself from burning out physiologically, mentally and emotionally. 

Another reason you can’t constantly be on a low calorie diet/restriction is because it will lower your energy for workouts, keeping you from performing at an overall optimum level. 

Being able to work out harder and better is more valuable, for most, than restricting your calories.

So, what I mean by all of this is, if you’re working out you can’t always be trying to get leaner. There needs to be a time for your body to regenerate itself from the depletion stage you just went through. 

When trying to get leaner, good hormones such as testosterone, IGF-1, growth hormone (hormones that add lean muscle), ghrelin and leptin (control when you hungry and when you’re not) all get burnt out and out of whack on a low calorie/restricted diet. 

Those things are very important when trying to improve your physique. 

Conversely, cortisol goes up and insulin wants to store more fat/water so your body is in complete state of storage aka the dreaded survival state. So, you would get that lean, defined look.

This is why people can’t and won’t lose body fat after a while of doing the same diet.

When your body is constantly low on calories, good hormones go down and bad hormones elevate. 

This is why you your body is higher in body fat and storing water. Your body is overworked, over-stressed, and over-adapted. 

Your fat is holding on for dear life. 

If you want to lose fat and get out of the struggle, learn how to re-balance your body and set it up for fat loss, so you can get back into it. 

Remember, there is a science and an art to nutrition so I would highly suggest you to have someone coach you to getting to your best physique. It will cut a lot of the ups and downs it takes and also, the uncertainty and damage you can cause on yourself.

If this has interested you, please fill out this form, which will help me get a better understanding of your lifestyle and allow me to properly give you the tools to reach your goals.

Talk soon,


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