What Causes A Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating but if you step back and look

at what is going on its just means your body has adapted to the stimulus

you have applied to it. So, in order to get a new result, you need to apply

a new stimulus.  Here are 4 reason you may have plateaued and what to do

about it!


1- Water Weight Loss Stops Or Returns– The initial pounds of weight

loss is mostly the loss of water from stored carbohydrates. So, as

your carbohydrate intake increases or decreases so does your stored

carbohydrate which is why there is a fluctuation of weight gain or loss

in the initial weeks. It is primarily not fat loss but water weight loss.

But since you’re holding less water it makes you look leaner.


2-Metabolism Adapts- When decreasing your calories your body initially

loses weight but as a survival mechanism it adjusts over time and slows

down the burning of calories trying to hold onto any weight it can. The

body is naturally intuitive and will do whatever it can to hold on

to weight for this purpose. So, you will need to adjust your training and

caloric intake to this reaction.


3- Muscle Loss-When losing weight your body not only loses water and

fat but muscle also. Muscle is metabolic which means it keeps your body

burning more calories at rest. So, it’s important you have a consistent

program in place that keeps you maintaining muscle mass.


4- When You Weigh Less, You Burn Less– When you drop weight your body

doesn’t take as many calories (energy) to do what it used to when you were

at a heavier weight. To continue to lose weight you’ll need to decrease your

calorie intake again or increase your calorie burn through exercise.

Hope these 4 reasons help you understand what and why you’re plateauing.

If you are plateauing and would like some personal help on how to break it

reach out to and we can talk about how we can

help you break these plateaus!

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