Squatting Tips For Desk Jockeys…

Some of the top squatting myths…

Your knees shouldn’t go past your toes, toes straight ahead, look up, keep your back arched, stay upright, the butt wink (rounding at the bottom) hurts the lower back are some you may or may not of heard…

But, are they true?

It’s crazy to think that these “we’re musts” when we use to cue someone to squat correctly.

Truth is they’re not the best cues to give most people.

The reason why everyone squats differently because no one has the same limb length, posture, mobility, flexibility, and stability in their body.

I’ve worked with thousands of people on squatting and messed up a lot myself, what I can tell you is that no one squats exactly the same.

Nor should we try to.

A very primal movement can be hard for some people to get down and do it right, without pain.

The key here is to get into better position, increase core stability, and lower body/mid back mobility

So, here’s a few tips that will help you squat better.

1- There’s a lot of studies out there that suggests stretching is bad for strength and power gains. But, it’s important for some people so they can get into better posture/positions and have their hips open up. So, yoga moves such as child’s pose, pigeon, forward fold, and downward dog will help with your posture. Look into these to improve range of motion in the hips, ankles, and lower back. I suggest doing them 2-3x a week in a circuit will help improve mobility, flexibility, and joint health. Opening the hips, ankles, and lower back are important for people who sit a lot, and want to squat great.

2- Learn how to stabilize the spine before squatting with weight on the back or deadlifting. You need to learn to stabilize the core by loading up the front side of the body with a dumbbell. Doing front squats or goblet squats. Are optimal before doing back learning to do back squats as it strengthen the abs and makes you brace your core first.

3-Learning how to train the glutes is important for squatting. Two reasons, one because it teaches you how to hip hinge properly which gets you into good squatting positing. Second, it teaches you how to squeeze your butt and feel it during a squat. The glutes are the strongest muscle in the body. Learning how to bridge and hinge will save your knees, hips and back.

4- Learn to plank properly to help you protect the spine. Doing planks properly will teach you how to draw in and protect your back from being vulnerable which you should learn how to do when squatting right.

There’s 4 tips for desk jockeys to get down before squatting with weights on their back.

Quick wrap up…

1- Get mobile, flexible enough so you can have the proper joint range with yoga exercises.

2-Squat with loading the front side first then progress to back squats to get proper core strength.

3- Learn how to work the glutes to ensure proper form and range.

4- Brace the core to protect the spine with goblet squats and planks.

These are some great squatting tips! If you have any pain in your body and have a hard to getting and feeling it good during squats..

Reach out and ill help you out!

Lift heavy and stay healthy.

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