Fasted Cardio… Friend or Foe?

Fasted cardio off the top of the head sounds like a great idea for fat loss. I mean you have no food in your stomach so it sounds logical that your body would burn fat stores as energy and if you just did that over time you would be shredded. Which could work for you but also let’s look at other factors.


First, fat loss is an aggregate deficit of calories. So not just one meal deficit. We all know how hungry we can get if we deprive ourselves too much and end up swinging your weight back up when we get too deep into a calorie deficit. So, if you exercise fasted with a lot of intensity that might make your internal biological “I’m starving sensor” go off and have you over eat your next meal. So, a good idea would be to maybe start with a light walk/jog or weight training session that burns less calories. You’ll tend not to eat too much later in the day. It’s all about controlling your appetite and not forcing an overeating situation later in the day…..or week!

Second, the time of  your session matters as well! Is it an early, mid-morning, or noon session? If your workout time is early morning fasted training may be a good idea for you since your body still has energy from dinner but an afternoon workout can really throw your body through a loop energetically if you’re fasted. If you can control your calorie intake on afternoon workout then go for it. Every body is different :).

So, fasted cardio for fat loss could be a good idea if you can do this one thing! Control your appetite! Also, make sure you hit your macro goals. And as with anything done for too long will start to plateau. Make sure you plan breaks, different routines and different strategies to prevent plateaus.

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