8 Real Good Ways To Kick Sugar

8 Real Good Ways To Kick Sugar…


1. Avoid Processed Foods.Did you know

that sugar and processed foods are as addictive

as heroin and cocaine? Truth

Eating sugar artificially stimulates a region of

your brain called the “nucleus accumbens” to

produce dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter.

Soon, dopamine levels drop, and we start to feel

“flat”… or a bit “down.”

We crave this pleasant, feel-good feeling again —

so sugar leads to addiction. By choosing natural foods,

rather than those that are processed, you’ll limit

cravings for sugar and other processed foods.


2. Boost Your Serotonin. Serotonin, a.k.a. the “happiness

hormone,” can be raised through healthy foods, exercise,

and the right sleep schedule.

When you have plenty of serotonin, you are less likely to

have cravings for sweets.


3. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally. The all-natural

sweetener Stevia has almost zero calories, does not raise

blood sugar levels, and is 300 times sweeter than sugar.

If you have sugar cravings and want to satisfy your sweet

tooth safely, Stevia is your best bet.


4. Drink Plenty of Water. You may sometimes think that

your body is asking for sugar, when in fact it’s dehydrated

and really just craving water.

Try this delicious craving-buster: In 8 oz. of water add

fresh mint, sliced lemons or cucumber, and 5 drops of



Also try a warm cup of green tea sweetened with Stevia

with your meals. This way, your sweet tooth is satisfied and

your dessert cravings will be reduced.Or try a vanilla or chocolate

protein shake with some organic fruit and almond/peanut butter.


5.Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable. Eat several small, healthy

meals throughout the day instead of three large portions to

avoid dips in blood sugar.

Include protein in every meal and snack to help stabilize your

blood sugar.


6. Try a “green drink”. Loaded with nutrition, green drinks

help boost your energy and reduce cravings for sugar and processed



7. Boost Healthy Fat Intake. Fat stabilizes blood sugar levels and

help control hunger. No, it will not make you fat lol. Add some

coconut oil/grass fed butter to your coffee which might sound gross

but it’s actually good and good for you. Just add more oils,

fatty fish, avocados, and nuts to your diet.


8.Enjoy Fermented Foods and Drinks.Fermented foods and

drinks, such as kefir and yogurt, are perhaps the most important

way to reduce or even eliminate cravings for sugar.

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