7 Quick Tips To Increase Your Energy

The after lunch lull seems inevitable…..

You have lunch and 30 min later you start to feel a power nap coming on…

Let’s look at a few reasons why this could be happening…

1)      Lack of rest/sleep

2)      Lack of oxygen

3)      Stress

4)      Improper diet

Now, there could obviously be more reasons as to

why you’re crashing mid-day but that’s mostly the

ones we can deal with and work on.

So, let’s look at 8 strategies that will increase your energy….

1)      Eat a snack in between breakfast and lunch- One reason

your energy crash happens is because of blood sugar fluctuations.

Have at least 25g protein with each meal to balance out blood sugar.

Make sure you have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack to balance

blood sugar levels.

2)     Meditation/Yoga-Stress throughout the day causes fatigue. When were

stressed we take short choppy breaths that doesn’t get the right amount

of oxygen to the brain, making you feel tired. Do 10-15 yoga/meditation

focus on deep belly breathing and you’ll feel renewed, and less stressed.

3)      Lunch Workout/walk-Working out increases oxygen intake, and gets positive

endorphins going. Go for a lunch time workout to get you through the day.

4)      Get on a good sleep schedule-Being consistent with a sleep pattern and

getting 7-8 hours for most is crucial. If you don’t your body will be all

messed up. Get to bed early as you can, make sure your room is dark and


5)      Drink coffee after mid-morning snack-Instead of having your coffee early at 6-8a

have it at 11-12. It’ll keep you going strong past lunch.

6)      Listen to upbeat music-A good music playlist will keep you upbeat and moving.

7)      Watch something motivating-Maybe you’re lacking some motivation.

watch a YouTube video that makes you want to go after your goals and

gets you hyped.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions or strategies that

you use!

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