6 Work Out Mistakes To Avoid!

Hey There,

Hope you had a great and productive week. Here are

6 workout ideas you’re going to want to avoid.


1- Lacking a plan- “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

having a plan allows you to train harder and smarter. Ad

libbing isn’t a smart way to train and usually found in beginners.

Seek someone who knows how to plan workouts to your goals,

not there goals. There is a difference.


2- Neglecting body weight work- The strongest athletes

pound for pound are gymnasts. It also teaches you how to

move your body more effectively and intelligently.


3- Taking every set to failure- If you do everything to fatigue

you can limit gains, experience burnout or get injured. Take

no more than a few sets to failure. The rest stop before failing.

Failing every sets impairs recovery which is the most important

part of training.


4- Doing exercises you don’t understand or how to do it- Always

learn the movement of an exercise before doing or trying it in

person. Learning proper mechanics and why you’re doing it is

important. Focus on form over weight in the beginning.


5- Over working your push muscles, neglecting pull muscles-Over

working the anterior (front) side of the body can results in pain and

injuries. Use a 1 to 1 Pull to push reps and set ratio at the least to

off set these imbalances.


6-Doing too much isolated ab work- Sit ups and core work is effective

to a degree. Focus more on squats, dead lifts, carries, overhead pressing,

get ups, and kettle bell swings to work the core.

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