5 reasons why your work out(s) suck and how to fix it!

5 reasons why your work out(s) suck and how to

fix it…


1-You didn’t concentrate-It’s easy to get to the gym and be distracted by being on your phone, surfing the

internet, watching other people do their thing? When you get to the gym, make it a meditation time and do your

best focus on you and what you cane their to accomplish.


2- Your bored with your routine- Doing the same workout for most people is monotonous which is a quick way to

lose your burst. Make sure you pay attention to that, follow the fun to train harder and better results.


3- Your nutrition is lacking- To perform your best your body needs proper calorie intake from proper foods or else you may

be dragging, tired and weak. Make sure you have enough protein and carbs throughout the day to give you that push.


4-Your sleep was bad the night before-If you didn’t get at least 6-8 hours of sleep the night before then you’re going to lack the

energy to push through your workout. So make sure you get that quality sleep to perform your best.


5- You lacked motivation-We all have the times we want to walk right out the gym right after we walk in. But, if this continues

for a period of time it’s time to revisit why you’re doing it. Ask yourself why you started and find something to strive for. Set a

new goal, take on a challenge and get yourself in the routine again to looking and feeling your best!


In the next email, I’ll give you the top tips on how to make it better! Stay tuned…

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