4 Intangibles That Are a Must To Achieve Your Dream Physique

1- No Quit Mentality– you have to learn how to be resilient

even when things are as dark as the night sky and looks

like you’re never going to lose weight. You still need to

show up and do the work because it will eventually happen,

if you stay consistent.


2- Focus– you need to keep your eye on the prize.


3- A Good Nutrition, and Workout plan- you need to have a good

workout and cardio plan. One that challenges you and pushes

you out of your comfort zone but also allows you to move but

it needs to be able to be followed consistently for a period of time.

If you can follow consistently it it’s a bad plan.


4- Work ethic- you need to show up and do the work everyday!


That’s it. Short and sweet but using these 4 intangibles will help you get to your

goals and stay there.

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