10 Exercises That Will Keep You A Youngin’

10 Exercises That Will Keep You A Youngin’

“Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?”

The famous words were skeptically uttered by the The 40 Year Old Virgin.

I’ll answer that for you, yes you’ll lose it haha

Meaning your youthfulness and fitness…

So, if you’re interested in staying young and fit here are 10 moves that should be staples in your routine and done at least 1-2 per week.

One way to age is to stop moving is to stop doing athletic type movements and exercises that use fast twitch muscle fibers, mobility, flexibility and strength

All important things that decline as we age and you’ll lose…

10 Exercises That Will Keep You A Youngin’

1- Repeated Box jump or Squat jump

2- Lunge or Split Squats

3- Pull ups

4- Push ups

5- Deadlifts

6- Band pull aparts

7- Child pose

8- Pigeon

9- Cat-camel

10- Interval walk->sprints

If you can hit these 10 exercises 1-2 a week then you’ll have a good base to your movement and strength exercise programs that allow of long term health and youthfulness….Don’t lose it.

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